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"Jillian grew my leadership capacity exponentially through a healthy balance between accountability and support. We collaborated together to formulate the goals and the support needed to achieve them, she clarified the expectations and she partnered with me when it was time to do the work. When I did struggle with meeting the goals, she never lowered the bar but was always willing to revise the plan to provide additional support. Her transparency and empathy made it so easy to be open with her regarding any insecurity or challenge I may have been experiencing because I knew she would not misjudge me. At the same time, she never let me "off the hook" and this accountability pushed me to achieve more in the two years under her leadership than I had in the previous 15 years. If you are looking for someone to push your growth by challenging your perspectives, expectations, and performance, then Jillian Carew is the perfect person!"

Former Direct Report, Janelle J.


"Content connected on a personal level; collaboration at groups was a win; helped me get pumped for the school year. You are incredible and inspire me to be a better teacher and overall person. Thank you!"

—  St. Ann's, Teacher

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