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Content & Partnerships

Got a few minutes? Kick back and spend time listening to some of my content and let me know what you think!
You can also find a list of schools and organizations I've partnered with in various capacities below. 



Prepare yourself to hear something that might be triggering, but will also push you to learn and grow. 


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Jillian Lenae's
YouTube Channel

This link will lead you to my YouTube Channel which includes videos of my #LetsTalk Facebook Live Series as well as other videos of my personal and professional work.

Featured Content

The Finding Fullness Podcast The Road Trip:

You Have to Set Goals for the Journey

Interview with Jillian Carew of InnerG Unlmtd

Jillian Lenae's 


Personal & Professional History

This link will lead you to my electronic

portfolio that details who I am personally

and professionally. It also includes artifacts

of my work as an educator.



Roosevelt University

Chicago Public High Schools

Muchin College Prep

Wrightwood Elementary

University of Chicago

UChicago Donoghue

Perspectives Middle School

St. Ann Catholic School

Foundations College Prep

Johnson College Prep

Laura Dearing ES

Butler College Prep

Chicago Collegiate Charter School

Crown Academy

Catalyst Circle Rock

North Lawndale College Prep

Southeast Area Elementary

Illinois State University

South Shore International

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