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Adult Workshops

Session was valuable use of time: 3.9 of 4.0

Intended outcomes were met: 3.8 of 4.0

Believes practice will be better: 3.8 of 4.0


*data based on 10 workshops facilitated in August of 2019

Impact on Young People


Student Participants Said...

  • "I feel comfortable talking to Ms. Carew because she understands me."

  • "Participating in this group was a valuable use of time because it inspires me."

  • "What I’ve learned from this group is to speak up and be heard. "

  • "Ms. Carew taught me bravery."

  • "I would tell others that the purpose of this group is to build a better you."

  • "This group has made me want to come to school."

  • “Every day is something new and fun” in this group. 

  • "I have learned how to get along with people I don’t usually agree with."

  • "I’ve learned that letting your feelings out as a boy/young adult isn’t bad."

  • "Being apart of this group, I’ve learned to stop getting in trouble."

  • "I feel comfortable talking to Ms. Carew because I’m not going to get judged."

  • "I like the approach; it doesn’t feel like your regular school activity."

35 students participated - 15 boys and 20 girls from grades 7 - 10.

Impact happened over the course of 3 months with weekly 40 minute sessions.

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